Officials Request Form


  1. Host Teams and Event Sponsors shall use this form to independently solicit women’s lacrosse Officials to officiate a game or games.
  2. Host Team and Event Sponsor Responsibilities:
    • Complete the following Umpire Request Form. WWLOA will distribute the completed form to Officials as a courtesy to the Host Team or Event Sponsor.
    • Select, contact, coordinate, and pay the Officials.
  3. Officials Responsibilities:
    • Notify the Contact Person from the Host Team or Event Sponsor if you would like to be considered as an Official for this game or games.
    • Inform the Contact Person of your current Officiating rating and years of experience as an Official.
    • Communicate directly with the Contact Person regarding this game or games.
    • Obtain payment from the Host Team or Event Sponsor.
  4. WWLOA is not involved in the selection, approval, coordination or payment of Officials for this game or games.
GAME INFORMATION (filled out by Host Team)
Level of Play
Level of Play
OFFICIAL INFORMATION (filled out by Host Team)
Desired Official Rating Level
Desired Official Rating Level
Mileage Reimbursement
Not Reimbursed
Reimbursed after 30 miles of Round Trip Travel at $ per mile.
Reimbursed as Lump Sum at $
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Phone: 425.123.5555