WWLOA recognizes that women’s lacrosse players are allowed to play with passion, speed and intensity. At the same time, WWLOA reminds players that their conduct on the field should comply with the rules and be consistent with the “spirit of the game”.

US Lacrosse has established a philosophy to maintain the “spirit of the game”. This philosophy is stated in the US Lacrosse Women’s Rule Book and states that “players…should observe the intent of the rules, making a sincere effort to observe them and not attempting to take advantage of them”. Also, “players…should be vigilant when…playing…so that the safety of all players and the integrity of the game are maintained”.

The rules that govern women’s lacrosse identify actions by players that constitute misconduct. These are:

This type of behavior by a player is considered a misconduct foul and subject to issuance of a card by an umpire.

The rules also state:

Safe play, legal play and appropriate conduct by players is consistent with
the “spirit of the game” and creates a positive atmosphere for everyone

Players Conduct
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