Sideline Managers


WSLA, the governing body for youth and high school lacrosse in Washington State, has established the following rules pertaining to Sideline Managers for youth and high school games:

Job Description

The US Lacrosse Youth Council, in conjunction with the Men’s and Women’s Division Officials Councils, has developed the following job description for Sideline Managers:

Sideline Manager: Your role is to maintain a positive and sportsmanlike environment around the playing field, including both sidelines. The officials will handle on-field sportsmanship issues.

Again, thank you for helping us maintain the valued Culture of Lacrosse and “Honoring the Game”.

Sportsmanship Card

The Sportsmanship Card Program has been developed by the US Lacrosse
Youth Council in conjunction with the Men’s and Women’s Division
Officials Councils. The Sportsmanship Card is designed to be a
preventative tool, not a punitive device. It is a warning given
to an individual coach, athlete, fan, or group of fans. Most often,
the Sportsmanship Card Program, if administered in a non-threatening
fashion, will correct the unacceptable, unsportsmanlike behavior that
threatens to ruin the game.


Sideline Managers
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