WWLOA officials are required to submit Arbiter Game Reports and Red Card Reports.

Arbiter Game Reports

After every game, one of the officials who officiated the game is required to submit an Arbiter Game Report. ArbiterSports will select the official responsible for submitting the Game Report and post a Game Report icon on the official’s schedule of games.

The designated official must submit a Game Report in order for all of the officials who officiated the game to be paid. Therefore, it is essential for the official assigned to submit the report do so as soon as possible after the game.

Please follow these steps to submit a Game Report:

  1. Sign into your ArbiterSports account.
  2. Open your ArbiterSports “Schedule”.
  3. Click on “Show All”. This shows your current and past games.
  4. Look under the “Notes” column. If you see a red “R”, you have a Game Report to submit.
  5. Click on the red “R”. This opens up the Game Report.
  6. On the Game Report page, identify the “Status” of both officials.
    • The options are: On Time, Late or No Show.
    • You do not have to enter the “Game Score”.
  7. When done, click on “Save.

Red Card Report

A WWLOA official who issues a Red Card is required to submit a
Red Card Report the day of the game. A separate report is
required to be submitted for each Red Card that was issued.

It is essential the official submit the Red Card Report the
day of the game so the league can be notified of the Red Card
and the team can be reminded that the player or coach who
received the Red Card is prohibited from participating in
the team’s next game.


Officials' Reports
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