host a women's lacrosse rules mini clinic

Host a Rules Mini-Clinic for your team

what is a rules mini-clinic?

Women's lacrosse rules are ever-changing, and some  rule changes can be tricky to comprehend. We believe that furthering lacrosse education in the Pacific Northwest is an important aspect of supporting continued growth of the sport we love in the Pacific Northwest.

That's why we offer complementary Rules Mini-Clinics for proactive teams who seek out further education of the rules.

High school teams may request a Rules Mini-Clinic led by a WWLOA official prior to the start of the season. These are classroom sessions with an objective of helping players, coaches and parents to learn and understand the rules. Mini-Clinics are 60 to 90 minutes in length and may be requested for the month of February only. The classroom must be selected and secured by the host team.

There is no fee for a Mini-Clinic. Officials conduct Mini-Clinics on a volunteer basis. We'll do our best to fulfill all requests, but please understand that your date preferences are subject to Official availability.

ready to host a Mini-clinic?

Please fill out the form in the link below to inquire about hosting a Rules Mini-Clinic.